Personal Sessions

"Whenever I travel, I seek out the best of the local healers. I must have seen 50 or more healers from all over the world. The sessions I had with you are among the highest levels of healing I've experienced."

"I've never worked with someone who so fully understood what it means to connect to the spiritual world without getting lost in it, to live grounded in reality while accessing my deepest needs. Thank you for an amazing experience."
-- P.R.

"Three years after the bus bombing, the physical wounds healed, but I thought I would never be happy again. I was a professional dancer who couldn't dance anymore. I couldn't even smile. Thank you for helping me find hope again."
-- S.T.

Professional Improvement

"My productivity has tripled since our one hour session."

"I followed almost all of your suggestions, and now I have more business than I can handle."
-- G.C.

"When I came to see you, I wasn't sure how energy healing could influence my professional life, or how holding my body in a certain way had anything to do with how much income I brought in, or what "opening my heart" had anything to do with clients bringing me more lucrative projects. Greg, I gave you such a hard time during our session! It's now been two months, but I haven't forgotten your words, and I haven't forgotten the way you worked on my body and talked through my fears. Greg, my client base has nearly doubled since our session. Thank you for your patience, kindness, and belief in me!"
-- M.R.

Professional Mediation

"One of the people we had a complaint against was so impressed with the way Greg worked that he in turn asked Greg to mediate a complaint on his behalf."
-- R.W., Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts

Workshops and Seminars

"I have had meetings in my homes for 11 years, and have experienced great healers and teachers from all over the world, including great ones from Israel. In my opinion, Greg is bringing down as high a level of teaching and healing energy as I have experienced."
Isaac Eliyahu Holly

"Your compassion surrounds me. I can sense your love and your caring. I can't find words."

"Hey, Greg... what a powerful night... whew!! I think you crossed a major bridge this evening and brought us with you, I thank you from the deepest part of my soul for all you have given me and the others who have been fortunate enough to be in contact with your work.

"You have the gift to communicate with the higher selves in us all. You have given me insight to look beyond the veil of insecurity and fear and to dive into life head on, with compassion, awareness, and a sense of self that is ever so elusive. You rain light on the shadows that hold us back from the living truth that is. Greg, I thank you for the road you have carved out for us to travel!"
-- Daniel Reed

"My favorite part was the personal insights I received which I also experienced as empowerment and support. The steps and the information I received was right on and said in a way that I could accept and receive. I feel a deep gratitude for the opportunity to do this course. Thank you!!"


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