Personal Sessions

Sessions are about you. What are you looking for? What do you need? I'm here to do my best to help you with all the resources I have available, which include advanced energetic healing techniques, channeling from your spirit guides, and a multitude of ways to help you feel comfortable with what's going on, with your own life, and with what's troubling you.

This work is especially effective with those who have experienced trauma and abuse, in childhood or adulthood. It is effective for those who suffer chronic pain.

It is helpful for those trying to reclaim their power and find their place in life. It is excellent for those who have trouble staying Earth-bound and need a handle on what's going on around them and within them.

Finally, for those looking for a journey home, a reconnection to spirit, this is an excellent method to directly access those resources you long for.

Feel free to call or email to discuss if this is the kind of work you're looking for. In my experience, I've found that the personal connection between healer and client is much more important than the methodology itself.

True healing can happen when the space is right for it and you feel comfortable with surroundings and circumstances. A feeling of safety and comfort, respect and kindness and love must be present. Otherwise it will feel like a surgical procedure you are tolerating, rather than an incredible experience that moves you to a place of changing your entire outlook on life.

How many sessions are required?

Some people come for one session of channeling or healing and feel they've gotten everything they needed. Some come every month or two to help manage pain or to feel stable in life. Some have regular appointments every two or three weeks to help with a particular issue or issues in their life or in their past.

I always tell people, you didn't get here in a day, it's not likely all this will disappear in a day, although it can happen. When something is ready to move, it will.

Healing must be done at the pace of each individual. A large part of the healing process is creating the kind of circumstance that will allow your energetic system to allow in new experiences and let out the old.

When singing a song, louder isn't always better. It's not about the level of noise, it's about creating a true piece of artwork. That is how I try to work with clients.

A typical session

A typical session generally includes a combination of talking, of energetic healing, and channeling. Some people come specifically for channeling and so the session is spent that way.

The session is up to you. How you want to spend it, how you use this sacred time, is your choice. I am here to help guide you, to assist you, and to offer my skills.

Preparing for a session

Come as you are, and see what happens.

After a session

Sessions can be rather intense. I recommend leaving time after the session to allow the work that has been done to sink in and become a part of your system. Give yourself the gift of a walk in a park or alone time somewhere.

Be especially good to yourself for the next 2-3 days as the work of the session settles into your system.


I work with both men and women. No touching is necessary to do this work.

As my Hebrew level is not yet up to par, sessions are held in English. I do, however, work with those in pain and those who may not speak much English, as the healing works regardless of the language barrier.

All sessions are completely confidential. Everything that happens during a session, including that you have come as a client, is held in complete confidence.

The cost of a one hour session is 300nis.

If you would like to discuss our working together, please call 02-566-0959 to be in touch, or email

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your journey. I wish you well on your travels, wherever they may take you.

                     -- Gregory V. Goltsov

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