Transcript of December 15, 2005's channeling in Ramat Denya, Jerusalem
Channeled from the Guides of Gregory Goltsov

This is a transcript of the entire evening.  Some additions have been made in brackets especially for you, the reader, and names have been omitted for privacy issues.  Enjoy the journey of reading!  If you set aside the time to truly read the material, rather than simply skimming over it, you will receive a powerful jolt of the intensity that occured, and it will be as if you were there.  Enjoy!

So welcome.  Welcome those who have come.  Welcome dear ones into this dear space, this beautiful space which has been meticulously created.  We know.  We know the work it has taken to create this space, and for those of you who have come, to come to this space.  We know.  We know your journeys.  We know what else you could have been doing tonight.  We know it would have been simpler to sit back and relax and do little or nothing.

We know what’s going on with your lives.  We know how difficult it is often to even open your front door and walk out of it with a plan.  We know.  We hear you.  We understand.  And it is from this perspective that we honor your journeys.  Each and every one of your journeys, we honor your journey.  We know from where you have come.

These are not empty words, these are words with all the grace that we know how to give.  Each and every one of you has taken a step towards improving your lives, and the lives of others.  For this, we honor you.  And we ask that you honor yourselves.

And in those moments when negativity may hit you, and you may think or wonder what it is that you’re on this planet for, and wonder if you are serving any purpose at all, remember these words.  We know your journeys.  We know your journeys.  We know where you’ve come from.

And everything we are going to say this evening comes with the utmost of great respect for who you are, and where you’ve been.

And so it is from this place we tell you, we say to you, raise your energies.  Raise your vibratory fields.  Raise yourselves, we tell you.  This is not an exercise for the sake of exercising.  This is not a drill.  The time has come.  This is the time of your lives that the entire rest of your lives have been preparing you for.  In the next few months, you will understand why we are saying what we are saying, and we will say more on this soon during this session.  For now, raise your vibratory fields.

Do everything you know how to do to take care of yourselves.  Many of you without really knowing why have been improving yourselves, improving your energetic fields, improving your living spaces without really understanding what’s going on except that you want to listen to this.  This is not without purpose.  This is not an accident.  This is not without reason.  Listen to yourselves.

And prepare yourselves for the coming times.  Prepare yourselves for the coming times.  Prepare yourselves for the coming times.  Do everything you know how to do to prepare yourselves.  To ground yourselves.  To make your lives calm, gentle, and able to be lived with ease.  So that if you do such things, you will be able to walk through the coming times with grace.  And with ease.

This part is our review session.  This part is the review of the last channeling session here, one and a half months ago.  The entirety is on Greg’s web site if you wish to see it, if you have not yet seen it:

Now is for the new part.  The old part summed up again in one sentence:  We want you to carry the prerequisite with you throughout this session.  This is not something to listen to and move on, this is something to listen to and take within you.  Prepare yourselves for the coming times by raising your vibration.  Say that again and again and again if you wish.  This is of the utmost importance.  We cannot even begin to describe how much it means for every one of you to do this.  It will carry you through the coming times.  Trust this.

Now, for the new information which is not so new to some of you, but it is new as far as this series of channeling sessions.  The time of New Beginnings is upon us.  The time of Preparing For New Beginnings has just about ended, and the time of The New Beginnings is starting, and will start in full force very soon.

The New Beginnings entails a series of New Energies that will be dropping down into the Earth in succession.  The first one, which your Earth has been experiencing already, but it will click into balance soon, is that it is The Time of Reckoning.

The Time of Reckoning, the time when those without integrity will find it very difficult to continue with the old energies.  They will find it very difficult to continue as they have been continuing.  In the last several years, what has happened on this Earth?  What great secrets have come out?  What great things have happened?  How many scandals within some of the largest corporations on your planet have occurred because this Time of Reckoning is upon us?  Entire companies have fallen to their knees because secrets have come to light.

How many people in the highest offices of their nations have fallen or nearly fallen because things that they have done in office have come to light?   This includes the current and the last President of the United States, and this includes leaders of a great many nations around the Earth.

How many companies have fallen to their knees because accounting secrets have come to light?  How many major religions have fallen to their knees because the greatest secrets of secrets have come to light?

This is the Time of Reckoning, and the greatest secrets of this Earth are coming out.  And it’s about time that they came out, so that they could come out, so that they could be expressed, so that they could be changed.  Boom, boom, boom.  Step one, two, three.  Brought out, brought to light, changed.  Step one, two, three.  This is the personal process that experienced professionals help individuals do, and now this is happening in your nations, largely because individuals have been doing them.  And so the energy is brought forth.  And so the entire nation, and the entire world suddenly is encompassed and henceforth encompasses this new energy, which then permeates all aspects of life, including government, including business, including religion, including the personal lives of people who don’t even know what this is.

Secrets are coming to light.  Corruptions are coming to light.  And it is about time.  Because the New Energies are being brought forth and the Old Energies can no longer be.  They simply cannot exist where this kind of energy exists.  It cannot exist.  It can’t be there.  It is either transformed, or it leaves.

Those of you who work with energy know this.  Those of you who know how to bring yourselves to a high vibration know that low vibrations simply cannot exist there.  They can’t.  It is a physical impossibility.  That is the way physics works.

This part of physics largely has not yet been discovered, although it has, although the scientists are scared to publish it.  But this is known certainly among energy workers and light workers and even among a great many scientists.  Within high vibrations, the low vibrations cannot exist.  The low vibrations that exist when the high vibrations come, assuming the high vibrations are, from our perspective, grounded and with integrity, from your perspective, with strength, that is to say it is a strong high vibration – when it comes into an area of lower vibrations, those lower vibrations must transform, or leave.  They cannot exist within that paradigm.  Once strongly grounded and intentional vibrations come, they simply can’t.  These are the laws of physics.

And so this is step one of what has been happening to this Earth.  And it will happen even greater.  We will come back to this soon, and tell you the effects of this that are happening soon.

Right now we will come to step two of what is happening to your Earth.  This is what is happening to your Earth.

The entirety of the Earth is undergoing massive physical and energetic changes in order to be able to hold the higher vibrations which are coming to light.  Massive changes are taking place.  Massive earthquakes are taking place, of power that has not been known on this Earth for a long time.  These earthquakes are actually, physically, tangibly changing the internal structure of the earth.  Not simply energetically.  The insides of the planet, the chemical makeup is actually moving and changing in order to be able to hold these higher vibrations.

Many of you may have seen that it was actually published on an AP wire several days ago: the magnetic pole, the magnetic north, is moving rapidly.  This is no longer something that is only known among energetic circles, among lightworker circles.  This is now public knowledge.  Magnetic north is changing.  What most of those scientists don’t realize, are the large implications these have.  It is not only a matter of compass readings, it is a matter of how the Earth works, the kind of energy the Earth holds, and how and why these poles are in existence to begin with.

Beneath the Earth, there are great tremors taking place.  Some of them come up, many of them don’t come up to the surface.  And so, the Earth is physically changing.

Part B of step two, the Earth is magnetically changing and energetically changing.  The Earth is energetically changing.  Walking about this Earth to someone who can feel the difference, feels enormously different today than it did 50 years ago, certainly 100 years ago.  It is a very, very, very different place, a very different energy to be in.  The energetic changes are taking place.  You are largely seeing these changes as hurricanes.

Wind.  The wind of change is before us.  And the winds of changes are blowing upon the Earth.  New energies which have been needing and wanting to come for some time – but this is the right time and this is when they are coming – they are coming now.  They are coming now.  They are coming now.  Katrina, the hurricane Katrina, blew across the United States not only change in Louisiana, it went across the entire United States, and actually changed the energetic paradigm from which most people draw their belief systems.

The news media did their part in broadcasting these new energies throughout the nation, and throughout the world also.  As the world watched the United States fall to its knees – and this needed to happen – the giant will fall to its knees so that everyone else can see, the giant isn’t so superhuman after all.

And the hearts of the world – not to mention the United States – opened vastly to a country that many saw as invincible, and more importantly, many saw as the enemy.  And many still do, but, this opened their hearts, and even those who do not have well-wishes for the United States felt their hearts open toward the United States, and it helped them to see, it is not so perfect, it is not so invincible, it is not without its flaws, it is not so different than the rest of us.

And we tell you this.  Those of you in this room [and reading this transcript] will never really know this, until you reach the heavens, so you will have to trust this:  that by bringing the United States to its knees in this way, prevented the United States falling to its knees in another way.  That is to say, through terrorist attack.  Because many of those intent upon carrying something out, changed their minds.  Because they suddenly said wait a second, they are human after all.  They are just like us after all.

And in fact, some thought, “We’re better than them, judging by the way we handled our natural disasters.  We take pity upon you, you the greatest country on Earth.  We take pity upon you – we who have nothing, who scrounge for our soup every day – take pity upon you.”

This energy needed to enter the world.  And this energy needed to enter the United States.  This is an aspect of step one, The Time of Reckoning.  The unpreparedness, the carelessness, and the lack of desire by those in power to do everything in their power to send all the resources of the greatest nation on Earth for a humanitarian cause, came to light.  And in doing so, it brought about step two.  Hearts among the United States and the world opened.  And the winds of change blew across the United States.  This did happen.  Those winds carried with them energy that was forceful and angry, but with the intent of cleaning up the drudge that had befallen much of the nation.  Within the government, which we just spoke of, and within individuals so that the individuals of the United States could finally get angry about something.

Angry enough to scream at their government and say, “What are you doing?”  Angry enough to open their eyes to what’s happening.  Angry enough to scream and become active.  The United States is largely a nation of apathy, largely because many things are very easy.  And this was one event that brought it to its knees so that it could stand up again with all its strength.

Not simply strength of raw power, but strength of intention.  Strength with the powerful intention of holding its purpose.  A purpose of, what is a government for?  A purpose of, what do we individuals need to do in such a situation?

And now we move upon to step three of what’s happening to the Earth.  The nations of this world will come together.  You have already been seeing this.  You have been seeing this to a great extent.  Countries of this Earth which have never cooperated in modern history are cooperating with each other.  Countries which have never so much as publicly admitted that they would even speak with a representative of particular countries, are now publicly and openly saying, “It’s time to open this up, and this will be for the good of all.”

And we tell you this.  We tell you this.  Fear not the negative strength of others.  Fear not the negativity that is outpouring from others.  Fear not what is happening amongst the nations of this Earth.  Fear not we tell you.

And now we are going to tell you something that may surprise you.  The nation of Iran is fulfilling its current purpose grandly.  The nation of Iran is doing the biggest favor to Israel since this nation has been established.  [The day before this channeling, the President of Iran publicly called the Holocaust a “myth” and suggested Israel be moved to Europe, the United States, Canada or Alaska.  This follows remarks 6 weeks earlier calling for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”]

Whenever there is a denial of existence toward another person or another group, or another nation, people rise up with overwhelming strength to demand and insist and show their existence.  The nations of this world are coming together, and Iran is playing its role.  How many nations of this world will come together to tell Iran, “NO!”?  How many?

How many nations of this world will say, “Wait a minute!  You can’t do this!  You can’t say this!”

And this will bring us into step four.  The nations of the world coming together brings us into step four.  Step four is, Jerusalem will again take its place as the holiest place on the planet.  It has been for some time, but it will reclaim its role in a way that is publicly known.  That is to say, the world will look toward Jerusalem and see holiness and draw from it holiness.  They will look toward Jerusalem requesting and seeking holiness.  Jerusalem will reclaim its role as the International City of Peace.

And this is why you all are here.  Because this leads us into step five.  We need you.  We need you.  We, the bringers of messages to this Earth, need you.  You are here.  You are on the front lines.  You are experiencing this.  We need your presence.  The world needs your guidance.

And sixteen candles remain to be lit.  And you are going to help that process.

Greg:  [Laughing]  I have no idea what that means.

Audience participant:  Sounds like a birthday party.

Audience participant:  A double Chanukah.

And now it is time to take a quick break.  Let this sink in, and we will return to tell you why you are here and why we are here, and your roles as new leaders.  And sixteen candles is a representation of a coming of age.  It is a representation of leaving a juvenile state, and coming into adulthood.  It is a representation of life.  Take a quick break and we’ll be back.

[After a break]

So settle yourselves, take a moment.  Sit back and move back into this space.  We are here with you.  We come to help, and we come to help you all fulfill your purposes.  You are beautiful.  Remember that.  And remember this, remember this when you go through times of hardship, remember this: you are beautiful, and you are divine, and you were sent here with purpose, with reason, and that you are here, not only here in this room [or reading this transcript], but that you are here in your life, that you are in the place in your life that you are, serves as confirmation that you are on the path of your purpose, or you would not be doing the things that you are doing.  You would not be here in this room [or on this web page].  You wouldn’t be here if you were not along your path.

And so, we tell you this.  We tell you this, not to scare you, but to inform you, so that you are aware, so that you are prepared, so that you can best access the resources that you’ll need in order to get through the coming times.  The coming times will not be easy.  In the coming times will take place many events which will be catalysts for grandiose change in this world.  Many people will have a great deal of difficulty making their way through these events.

We tell you this, two things.  One, these events need to happen in order for the world to get to where it needs to go.  And all those who will be leaving this Earth have made a contract before they came, that they would be a part of the vanguard of the New Beginnings of this world.  And number two.  Remember, even as you may see great difficulty, or tragedy, or what you would call catastrophe, even as you see difficulties happening around you, care for those who are going through them.

And know in your heart of hearts, that this is with purpose, with reason, and with divine agreement.  As paradoxical as this sounds in your three-dimensional reality, understand this: that what looks like terrible tragedy, that what looks like the entire world moving backwards, is in fact, the last outcry of the old energy before it is taken over by the new energy.

And as the new energy comes, the old energy simply cannot exist in that space anymore.  It will happen.  It has been happening already.  And all this will be accelerating.  Everything up until now, up until, celestially speaking, a few weeks ago, has been the time of Preparing For the Change.  Right now, now, starting now, or more accurately, a few weeks ago, is no longer the time of Preparing For the Change, it is the time of The Change.  Now the change is coming.  Now the change is coming.  Now the change is coming.  And a few weeks from now, you will really see the change.

We tell you again, we are not saying this to scare you.  We are not saying this so you can worry about what will happen.  We are saying this to you so that you can be aware and that you can prepare, so that you can take care of yourselves.

And so that you can give what you have to others.  So that you can calm them and tell them, “No, the world is not falling to its knees, the world is just getting ready to finally stand upon its two feet, and finally stand where it’s wanted and needed to stand for some time.”

It’s been 26,000 years since the world has been at the place where it will soon be, in about a year.  It’s been 26,000 years since this world has experienced the kind of new, good, high-spirited, well-intentioned energy that it soon will again experience.  In the last 26,000 years a lot has happened, and that is a large part of the reason why such large changes need to happen in order to bring this about again.

The world is moving into its adult-hood.  Again, this is good.  Do not leave here worried.  Leave here with a smile.  We are telling you, this information is not so that you can go about your days worrying.  This information is so that you can go about your days with a smile on your face, that New Beginnings are upon us, and that you will be able to live your purpose on this Earth by helping yourselves and others through this time.

When first word hits, the news or however you hear the news, when you hear the first words in roughly a month, of something that has happened, please let the first thing that happens be that your heart opens as wide as it knows how to go.  And you will be a part of being a part of the catalyst of change.

Because it is specifically the good intentions, the high vibrational energy, and the healings toward this Earth and toward the people of this Earth throughout the last several years and throughout the last several decades, that have brought the Earth toward this place, this place of high energy New Beginnings, as opposed to the very low energy New Beginnings, which could have been a very likely possibility.  Those biblical prophecies very likely could have happened.  Largely through the work of those who open their heart and their minds and send their love and their love throughout the world, that the vibrations of the Earth have risen, and the world did not move toward this eventuality.  Instead it is moving toward this individuality.

That is to say, the Earth itself is coming into its individuality, as opposed to being run by the individualities that encompass it.  Instead of that, the Earth is embracing its own individuality and the Earth is screaming, “Listen!  Respect me!  And for once and for all, do what you need to do to live in cooperation with me, instead of being at your wits end with me, and thinking that destruction of me is what will help your life.  Know once and for all, what many aboriginal societies have known since the beginning of time.  Live in concert with me, and your lives will be grand.  Believe that you need to destroy me, and you will be searching forever, and not really even know what you are searching for.”

And so, lightworkers of the Earth.  This is now your duty: to help and assist the Earth through its changes in embracing its individuality.  The way that you can do this – now we move onto the practical steps – the way that you can do this, is, number one, by embracing your own individuality.  By embracing your own love, your own light, your own strength, your own gifts.

And know how much you bring to the world, without looking away and saying, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe, well what do I do anyway, and jeez I don’t, well what can I—”
No!  No!  It’s time to walk with your head held high, with your gifts at the ready.

We will say again, it’s time to walk with your head held high, with your gifts at the ready.  It’s time to live your lives with your head held high, with your gifts at the ready.  With your gifts at the ready like a sword.  Doubts enter your mind, [Swoosh! Waving an imaginary sword with both hands].  I don’t want to think about that right now!  I’m gonna hold on to my gifts!

Someone on the street is rude to you, [swoosh!  Waving an imaginary sword].  I don’t want to think about that right now!  I hold my gifts in my hand.

Your doubts, fears, and anxieties set in, [swoosh! With a wave of the imaginary sword].  I don’t want to think about that right now!  I hold my gifts in my hand.

Do not ignore your thoughts and beliefs and feelings.  Don’t ignore your doubts and fears and hates and pains.  But save them for the appropriate time.  When they come to you before you fall off to sleep, “No!  I’m falling asleep right now, I’m thinking good thoughts.”

When they come to you at a time when you have not specifically set aside to think about them, say, “Ok, it’s here, but not right now, later.”  Make sure there is a later.  Sit down for half an hour.  Think, “Ok, right now I’m going to bring in my gifts, and right now I’m at a point where I can think from a whole and complete place.  Ok, what are these doubts?  Ok, now I can think about them from a more clear perspective.  Now I can think about them from a perspective that doesn’t take over my consciousness, but from a perspective of, ‘I am in concert with my consciousness, let’s explore what’s going on.’”

Then you can think about it more clearly, and from that perspective, when you do it in this way, all those negativities don’t take you over.  This is tool number one, that we ask that you teach to others.  When others say, “I have million doubts, fears, this, this, that and the other thing,” respond, “Ok, but what do you need to do right now?  And remember your gifts.  And later, when you can clearly address this, that’s when you’ll address the doubts and negativities.  Rather than letting them permeate your entire being – they are a part of you – but make them apart from you.  Make them apart from you.  They’re there, address them.  But not continually, all the time in a way that brings down your entire being.”

Teach that to others.  Teach that to others.  Teach that to others.

Many of you are taught to say something three times in order to invoke it.  We have said several things three times, in order to invoke the passion within you, of those things.

Step two.  Remember to take care of yourselves on this journey.  We have said this before, but this was in the context of preparing for what will happen.  Now we are saying it as step two in the context of being in the midst of what’s happening.  Take care of yourselves.  Largely, powerfully, deeply.  In every way you know how, create a specific routine.  We have outlined a specific routine in the last session, which you can look up online if you haven’t seen it.  That would do you well.  Or anything else would do you well that entails taking care of yourself in every way you know how.  We don’t mean a way that you know how, but every way that you know how, take care of yourselves.

You will need it.  And teach this to others.  This is your leadership training.  This is step two of what you teach to others, as well as do for yourselves.

Step three.  Tell others.  Talk to others.  Share with others what you have heard here.  When others get down – and there are those of you who are already doing this – share with others.  When others get down and look at the news and say, “Oh my God the world is coming to an end,” or “This country may come to an end,” or “Oh my God…”

Smile.  And put your hands on their shoulders, if it is appropriate, and say, “Listen, I think maybe this could bring about a lot of good.  Even though this is awful, and we need to care about this, the result of this, I think, might be a good thing.”

Approach people at their level.  Someone who doesn’t believe in any of this stuff, if you walk up to them and say, “Wait a minute, there’s this 26,000 year old prophecy, and it’s starting to happen…” Well, they may not listen.  But if you approach them at their level, using their language, a great deal of good will come about it.  Even if they doubt it, even if you see no immediate result, even if you think they doubt every word you say, they will go home and think about it.  They will tell others.  And a few weeks later, they will smile at the realization that you were right.

And that will help them enter into the new paradigm.  This is step three.  Tell others at their level, that what is happening will end up being a good thing.

These are your three steps for moving into your leadership roles.  You are leaders, every single one of you is a leader.  You would not have walked into this room [or surfed onto this web page] if you were not a leader.  You wouldn’t have.  It simply wouldn’t have happened.  It wouldn’t have worked.  You are a leader.

Use everything we’ve taught you this evening.  Use these steps for teaching others, and you will do well in your role, in your newly acclaimed role.


[There was a period of questions and answers, but due to technical difficulties, the questions and answers were not decipherable on tape]


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