The Life You've Imagined

...It is Possible                    

Preparing For the Time to Come and
Training Future Leaders

An Evening of Channeling and Lecture with Gregory Goltsov.

The world is changing.

Very soon these changes will become increasingly fast, increasingly strenuous, and increasingly difficult to cope with.

It's time to prepare ourselves for the time to come, to prepare our bodies and our psyches for difficulties that lie ahead.

And it's time, as we prepare ourselves, to learn to be with others through these times which may bring many to the edge of what they can handle.

But with change comes opportunity. Grand opportunity. And we ought make the most of it.

It's time to prepare for all the future has to offer, as well as to learn to help others through these times.

It's time to embrace our role and see all that we can do for those around us, and for this world.

Thursday, December 15, 7:00pm.

Where: At The Home of Eliyahu & Leehee Holly
            12 Kubovy St., Ramat Denya, Jerusalem

Cost: 25 shekels (unless this constitutes a hardship)

A deep, powerful evening to touch the soul, including questions and answers directly from you, the audience.


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