Increasing Your Intuitive Sense:
Increasing, Fine-Tuning, and Focusing Our Intuitive Abilities

A course with Gregory Goltsov.

A workshop for professionals, practitioners, and anyone curious about the immense awareness we all have.

This workshop is for:

  • Practitioners, Healers, Bodyworkers, Therapists
  • While working with another person in his/her sacred journey of life, what if you could cut through confusion and see clearly what's really going on? What if you could increase your level of awareness to a point where you could see, work with, and address the core issues almost right away?

    We all communicate with each other on all sorts of levels. There are vast amounts of communication going on between all of us that we're not consciously aware of.

    Learn how to fine-tune your awareness to become consciously aware of the information being given to you by your client that even he/she may not be aware of.

    Learn to sense what's going on with your client and exactly how you can be of the most help in every moment.

    Learn to be more aware of what's going on within yourself, so you can be more present and available to truly help those who come to you.

  • Those Who are Interested and Curious
  • Have you often felt like you have an awareness that you can't quite explain? Awareness of other people beyond what they're telling you? Ever just have a feeling that something feels very right, or very wrong, and later your thoughts are completely confirmed, even though logical thought didn't seem to support your belief?

    Would you like to learn and tap into your system's natural awareness, increase your intuition, and fine-tune what you already have?

    Schedule & Details:

    Introductory Evening:

    An introduction to what we'll be doing, and how. More than a mere introduction, participants will walk away feeling that they actually have widened their perceptive abilities, and have a taste of just what is possible.

    The introductory evening will take place on Thursday, December 13, 8:00pm - 10:00pm at the Libi Center in downtown Jerusalem. Cost is 35nis, or free for those taking the full workshop.

    Two Day Workshop:

    The introduction will be followed by a two day workshop on truly increasing, fine-tuning, and focusing our intuitive abilities. You will walk away having learned new abilities to use in your everyday life and in your professional practice.

    The workshop will take place Friday - Saturday, December 14-15, at the Libi Center in downtown Jerusalem. Friday hours are 9:00am - 3:00pm; Saturday hours are 10:00am - 4:00pm. Cost is 450nis, which includes the introductory evening and a healthy lunch for both Friday and Saturday.

    For more information, please call Greg at 02-566-0959 or email

    Comments from previous participants of Gregory Goltsov's workshops:

    "The steps and the information I received was right on and said in a way that I could accept and receive. I feel a deep gratitude for the opportunity to do this course. Thank you!!"

    "The energy was wonderful."

    "I have had meetings in my homes for 11 years, and have experienced great healers and teachers from all over the world, including great ones from Israel. In my opinion, Greg is bringing down as high a level of teaching and healing energy as I have experienced." -- Isaac Eliyahu Holly

    "You have the gift to communicate with the higher selves in us all. You have given me insight to look beyond the veil of insecurity and fear and to dive into life head on, with compassion, awareness, and a sense of self that is ever so elusive. You rain light on the shadows that hold us back from the living truth that is. Greg, I thank you for the road you have carved out for us to travel!" -- Daniel Reed

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is this meditation?
    Meditating can help bring about these levels of awareness, but the course isn't about teaching meditation.
    What we will be doing is learning to access and hold for long periods of time such deep awareness that unconscious levels become conscious as part of an automatic process.

    Is this for real?
    We all have awareness beyond what we see and hear and touch. We've all felt it. We've all felt the magic coincidences of life that we just knew would happen. We've all been in circumstances where our gut reaction tells us something contrary to logical thought, and turns out to be exactly right. We have a built-in guidance system. I am teaching how to work with, fine-tune, and increase your ability to be aware in life.

    Who are you that you can teach this?
    I am Greg Goltsov, born in Moldova, grew up in Massachusetts, an oleh in Jerusalem since 2003. I've been studying and practicing holistic healing methods since 1999. I am trained in several forms of energy healing and see people privately for a wide range of work. I have been giving workshops in Jerusalem for just over two years.

    Over the years I have been taught methods as well as developed a few of my own for looking at situations and seeing what's going on at a deeper level. This is the first time I will be teaching what I do and how I do it in a workshop.

    Prior to holistic healing work, I worked as a mediator for the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts. I was also trained in and subsequently trained others in crisis counseling.

    As a graduate of Brandeis University, I am deeply aware of just how much the intellectual world gives us, as well as some of its limitations. It was in the search of helping people on a level beyond the intellectual that I discovered my life's passion.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at
    02-566-0959 or by email at


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