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The Fifth Night Evening

An Evening with Gregory Goltsov, Dvora Pearlman,
and Eliyahu Holly

An evening of learning, sharing, and channeling

November 19th represents the beginning of the "fifth night" according to the Mayan calendar. This is a time when immense acceleration of consciousness comes down into the physical.

Eliyahu Holly will be discussing the meaning of this time period, which lasts for a year.

Dvora Pearlman will be guiding us through deep meditation

Gregory Goltsov will be channeling about this time period and what it means for us personally and the world.

When: Monday, November 19, 7:00pm

Where: At The Home of Eliyahu & Leehee Holly
12 Kubovy St., Ramat Denya, Jerusalem (Near Malcha)


Cost: By donation

Questions? Need more information? Please call Greg at 02-566-0959 or email, or call Eliyahu at 02-641-6776.


Gregory Goltsov | 02 566-0959 |