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11/11 Divine Gateway Evening

An Evening with Gregory Goltsov, Maya Sarna, and Eliyahu Holly

Come and celebrate the 11/11 Divine Gateway on November 11. It is said that the 11/11 represents an open doorway to the higher spiritual dimensions by great masters such as Solara and Oded Mansura.

During this evening, Eliyahu Holly will lead a meditation described in "The Keys of Enoch" to connect with the 5 sacred languages: Egyptian, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese. We are told in Key 110 that if we interconnect these languages, "we will be mentally interconnected with civilizations representing the 'higher evolution'".

Maya Sarna, a practitioner of advanced EMF, masters in practice, will lead us in an opportunity to connect with our own mastery. Electromagnetic balancing technique works with our key energy systems.

Gregory Goltsov will lead us in a channeling to help us connect with our deep inner being and answer questions that are coming forth during this time.

When: Sunday, November 11, 7:00pm

Where: At The Home of Eliyahu & Leehee Holly
12 Kubovy St., Ramat Denya, Jerusalem (Near Malcha)


Cost: By donation

Questions? Need more information? Please call 02-566-0959 or email, or call Eliyahu at 02-641-6776, or Maya at 02-673-1822.


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