Transcript of November 1, 2005's channeling in Ramat Denya, Jerusalem
Channeled from the Guides of Gregory Goltsov

This is a transcript of the entire evening.  Some additions have been made in brackets especially for you, the reader, and names have been omitted for privacy issues.  Enjoy the journey of reading!  If you set aside the time to truly read the material, rather than simply skimming over it, you will receive a powerful jolt of the intensity that occured, and it will be as if you were there.  Enjoy!

Welcome. Welcome to all of you. Welcome, those who have come. Because coming is the biggest step. Because so many people who saw the advertisement in the Jerusalem Post, on the internet, or all over saw it and thought about it and looked at it and said, “No, I’m not gonna bother.”

Those of you who have trekked out to come in this weather which isn’t exactly ideal, coming out is the first step. Taking a step towards changing yourself and becoming aware of your lives, is the first step and the biggest step.

Because from this point on, once you make the decision to decide to move forward, then it all begins.

And so, we honor your step. We understand what it is like. And we respect the difficulties you experience, and that which you must trudge through in order to find the answers you are looking for.

And we will also tell you this. It is no accident that it is a sparse crowd as Greg calls it. This evening was meant for those who wish to take a step, who wish to come out here. For those who wish to address themselves in a very personal way. In order to address yourself in a very personal way, it must be a personal environment and atmosphere, and that is exactly what this is.

This is in a warm, loving home, and it is in a warm, loving environment. It is a warm room and it is a small crowd, which is exactly what this needed to be.

As for – this has been asked and Greg was largely correct when he answered – as for why was there a full color bright ad on the front page of the Jerusalem Post? Why was that needed for a small handful of people? Most of you would have come otherwise. The purpose of that was not invite people although that was partly so.

The purpose of that was to put light on the front page of a major newspaper. Because it is needed. And in not too long, there will be a great deal of light on the front pages of major newspapers everywhere. This needs to happen. This needs to be. It is time that this has begun. And we have sent fair amounts of money Greg’s way and we have told him, “This is God’s money” and you will use this God’s way. And he has.

And this is a part of his journey towards surrendering, and doing things that may not seem intellectually accurate given what’s going on, given the parameters in which he lives his life on Earth. It doesn’t make sense to spend thousands of dollars on a front page ad for a handful of people. From our perspective, it does, and this is why it happened.

We tell you this. We ask you – and this is largely what this evening will be about – to prepare yourselves for this. The world is changing. The world is changing very very very rapidly. Times that have been written about are upon you. In order for yourselves to live through these times gracefully, and with ease – that is not to say easily, but with ease – flowing through what happens, you will be required to face yourselves. That is the title of this evening’s journey.

You will be required to face yourselves. And when you face yourselves and when you give to yourselves and feed the depths of yourselves, those parts of you that have been crying out for attention – usually experienced as pain – when you do this, you will be beautifully flowing through the changes and the turmoil.

We are here to be frank with you. The next several months – not to mention the entire year, but for now the focus will be on the next several months – the next several months will not be easy ones, for this planet or for most people personally.

And we tell you this. Face yourselves. Give yourselves the power that you know you have. Give yourselves the kindness and generosity and personal time that is needed, and you will flow through these times with ease. With beauty and grace and more importantly, and the reason each of you has been called to come this evening [or to read this transcript] is because when you do this, you will not only be doing it for yourselves, you will be doing it for others.

And when you flow with grace through the circumstances of turmoil that will be coming upon us all, you will be a living example for others around you. Those who you know – your family, friends, coworkers – and those who you don’t know, those who merely see you walking with grace when you are out and about.

We tell you this. Each and every one of you in this room is a leader. [And if you are reading this, you have been called for a reason. You are a Future Leader. Feel your calling.] You are all leaders and that is why you have come here. And those who have not come here, the hosts of this fine place, we have come to you.

You are all leaders, every single one of you, and that is why you are here. If you were not – before you start doubting this – if you were not, you would not have come. It simply wouldn’t have been something you would have been attracted to. And so it does not matter if you believe it or not, feel it and take it in.

And in two months time, remember these words. In two months time, January 1, and throughout the month; January 15, and the two weeks following, remember these words. When you will have given to yourself for the coming two months, you will be able to then give to others what you have given to yourselves.

Give to yourselves generously – and we will now outline specific ways to do this – give to yourselves generously, and you will be leaders and role-models for those around you.

January will not be an easy month. January will be a time when this world will be greatly changing. More so than it has seen throughout its history. We tell you this in preparation, and we tell you this so you, the leaders, can approach these changes from the proper perspectives. These changes will not be because the world is ending, these changes are because the world is beginning. And everything that’s been right for the last thousand years, will change.

Or rather, will begin a very quick and large process of rapid changing. The changes have already begun. You have been living through them. You all already know that the world is changing. You all already know that things that have worked in the past, both personally and worldwide, are now changing. Countries that have never spoken with each other in modern times are speaking, and there are others.

But for now understand this. Things will be happening, not because disaster is upon us, but because a new world is upon us. And the entire Earth needs to undergo large-scale imminent change in order to welcome in these new energies.

Just as when you hit hard times, break down and cry alone on your bed, when afterwards you often feel as if a catharsis, or a healing has taken place, it is a similar process with the entirety of the Earth. It much undergo the catharsis and the healing – which can be painful while walking through it – but is wonderful when experiencing the aftermath. And so we tell you this. Give to yourselves powerfully. Give to yourselves powerfully.

And here is how. Take notes on this. These will be very specific steps that we ask for you follow for the next two months. Though you may not understand why, though they may not seem to make sense, though they may not seem to be so powerful, we tell you two months from this day, or slightly more, you will realize the importance of these steps.

Take a quick break to let that sink in.

Everyone take a card, one of Greg’s business cards, and keep this with the notes, [readers of this transcript, bookmark homepage of this website] and then when you refer back to your notes, you can remember where they came from, and reconnect with the energy from which it came. So that you remember not only the words, but you remember the energy that came through which is more important than the actual words.

Greg: [Laughing] I always love when they do this to me, because I have no idea what’s coming. And I haven’t had any idea for the rest either, but sometimes they specify something that’s coming and I think, I really hope this is coming. It always does. Which is a part of my trusting that even when you walk a path that’s completely unknown, and no idea what’s around you and nothing’s familiar, and you just hope it’s knowing to work out, knowing that there is support and that, even though I know nothing about what’s happening – which I think is a lot of what’s happening to people in general right now – we’re all going somewhere new and different. We don’t know what’s going on, and part of what we need to do is follow and get in touch with the depths of ourselves, follow that, and trust that we’re not being sent by God in alone for no reason. That we are in fact supported and we are here with meaning.

I think we all are here with meaning. I don’t think any one of us is here by accident. I don’t think life is some kind of cruel joke, or we’ve been sent into the abyss unprepared. Though it may feel that way, I think we’re all on a mission to do everything we know how to do. And I think we all have our support, whether or not we realize it. And by going through our journey, and by really getting in touch with ourselves, we not only get in touch with ourselves and feel better about life in general, but when we do that, we then become a beacon, a guide, a role-model for others doing similar things. Which is why they’re telling me to share my experiences because that’s largely been my path, partly financially in that when I went to healing school it wasn’t because I had the money. I didn’t, and it didn’t matter. They said just put it on your credit card and go.

And I did, and somehow money came to pay it back when the time came. So that was walking in the unknown, and having no idea how this is going to happen, living paycheck to paycheck, and, well, here I am [in Israel, speaking to groups of people, financially on my feet].

So, it’s scary walking through. And the point isn’t that it shouldn’t or won’t be scary. The point is, walk through the fear, walk through the abyss. The title of a really good book that I never read, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.” The title was enough. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Not that it’s bad to feel the fear. Feel it, it’s there, you’re human, you have this emotion for a reason. That’s largely what the last seminar was about a couple of weeks ago. Feel it, let it guide you, and use it for the tool that it is. And do it anyway. And see what happens.

So they’re saying [The Guides], Are you ready for the steps to take care of yourself and to bring to yourself generosity? Are you ready?

[A couple voices from the audience] Yes.

Are you really ready? Are you ready to bring this into yourselves? Are you ready to feel your strength as you give to yourselves? Are you?

[A couple voices from the audience, slightly louder] Yes.


[From the audience] YES!

Giving to yourself is something people often equate doing as being weak or coming from a place of not being powerful enough, or not being strong enough, or not having enough willpower, or not being good enough that you need to stop and give to yourself, as silly as that sounds in mainstream society.

We tell you this, the most powerful people on the planet, and this is one of them [pointing to a framed quote on the wall], the 14th Dalai Lama, knows that strength comes not from a place of being overbearing toward others, or simply wildly ferociously sending your strength all around you, but real power comes from a deep place within yourself. Real power is clarity. That is, power intertwined with clarity. That is, powerful clarity, comes from a place of deep connectedness within yourselves. Feeling your source of power. Feeling that part of you that is connected to heaven and has never left.

And living from that place. That place is not weak, that place is the most powerful resource you have. Sometimes you see people screaming on television. And they feel powerful. And they may even think they’re powerful, for a brief few moments.

And one who felt his minutes of fame when he called for the destruction of this nation, felt his power. But what you didn’t see on the television screens was what he felt afterwards. That kind of ferocious power simply cannot be sustained. It can’t. It cannot be sustained.

This is not to say you should not respect that which comes out of another, and respect the strength from which it comes, and respect the reaction that it gives to others. But understand that the most sustainable, the most clear, and the most powerful power on this planet is that which comes from deep within you. The part of you that cherishes your soul and the souls of others. The part of you that believes in your own strength.

And so, we tell you this, as we give you these steps toward giving yourself the generosity that you deserve. Do it from a place of knowing that this is the strongest thing that you can give to yourself.

And it is when you ignore yourself and these signs that you need yourself, it is when you do this, that you eventually break down, because you simply cannot sustain yourself without giving yourself self-care. It cannot happen. And if you think it can, there will come a point when your system says, “No more, it’s time to give back to me.”

The more you give to yourself, the less you will need these times, because your system will be sustaining itself.

And so now, here are these steps that we have been leading up to. Number one. Give to yourself. Cherish personal time daily, as little as 10 minutes a day, but not less than 10 minutes a day. Give yourself personal cherished time daily. It can be 5 minutes in the morning and 5 in the evening, but 10 minutes a day. Or more if you desire, but 10 is a good start of cherished time daily. This can mean prayer, meditation, quiet time. If it is prayer, make it prayer that is of your own, not that is because it is required of you. Time that is truly giving to yourself. Time that is quiet time, alone time, deep time. Time when you can say to yourself, or to your own guides, or directly to God, or to anyone you wish, time when you can say to them, “I want to reflect on who I am and what I’m doing and where I need to go.” And ask for answers to come to you in whatever form works for you.

Feel your beauty as you do this. That is step two. Feel your beauty as you do this.

Feel your strength as you do this. That is step three.

Feel your beautiful strength giving to yourself generously. That is step four.

As you go about your days, carry with you that which you have felt during this quiet time. That is step five. As you go about your days, feel within yourself, that which you have given yourself during this time.

That’s five. That’s the five steps toward giving to yourself generously and preparing yourself for the coming months. Five, count them on your fingers as you do each one.

We cannot begin to tell you the importance of this. They may seem small, but we tell you this. The coming months will be tumultuous. And if you desire to walk through these months with grace and ease, do these simple steps, and you will do wonderfully.

Let these sink in for a moment, and then we’ll go to questions.


Ok. Who has a question?

Audience participant: I don’t know what you mean by give to yourself and cherish yourself. I don’t know what this means. What are you talking about?

Give to yourself a great deal of personal time that you have devoted to sitting quietly with yourself and your own thoughts, and no other activity. No phone, no email, no nothing. Simply you have set aside 10 minutes to sit down comfortably, maybe close your eyes, and be with nothing but your own thoughts. And connecting with yourself.

Do you need further clarification?

Usually for me in the past, when I try to connect with myself I get very morbid, so it doesn’t have a positive— that’s the reason, one of the reasons I came because I have bad thoughts, and it’s not positive. So I start to find things to do so I don’t be alone, I can’t be alone with my thoughts because the thoughts become very self defeating. I need to find something not to think anymore about these things. So how do I direct my thoughts to be what you’re saying?

You are running away from your thoughts. We are telling you to feel your thoughts. The purpose of this quiet time is not to walk away with a big smile on your face although you may have one, but that is not the direct purpose.

The purpose is to be in touch with what is. For you, what is, is what you call the morbidness. Allow it to come. We guarantee you. We give you our personal guarantee. And you can let Greg have it if this does not come to pass.

I studied karate.


And we tell you this. If the consequences that could come—

The consequences that you get beaten up?

Greg: [Laughing] I told you I put myself on the line.

Guides: We tell you this. This is an absolute promise direct from the heavens. Connect with your morbidness. Before you do so, set a timer, or simply set a clock next to you, and say, “This is the time. With my intention, I am setting aside the next 10 minutes to get in touch with whatever is. And whatever is, is ok. I’m ok with whatever comes.” If and when the morbidness comes out, let yourself be with what is. As uncomfortable or painful as it may be, let it come. Let the tears come, let the convulsions come and the shaking come if it needs to, let it come, and we promise you this.

When you open your eyes, at the end of the 10 minutes, and when you say, “Ok!” Say it powerfully, we have just gone over that, when you say, “Ok! It’s been ten minutes! Let me get back to me! Let me put this part of me aside and let me get back to my normal life, and I’ll have another 10 minutes later.”

We promise you this. When you do this, when you, a.) set your intention beforehand to do this with a stopwatch or a clock, b.) do get in touch with yourself without judging what’s happening, and c.) at the end say, “Ok, thank you, I’m putting this aside for now.”

We promise you:  Those feelings will have left you, and it will be for the better for you. We promise you that they will not sit with you for the rest of your days. That you get in touch with them for a time – and this goes for everyone, when you all try to avoid pain, and rightfully so, we know pain is not pleasant but we tell you this, and we promise to every one of you, you can let Greg have it if this is not true.

The fact that you get in touch with your pains, does not mean you will be living with that feeling for the rest of your days. In fact it means the exact opposite.

That you get in touch with it, means you will not be running away from it for the rest of your days. Because when that feeling comes up again and again and again and again and again, and we do whatever we need to do so as not to feel it, it keeps coming back. Because it needs to be felt.

If it comes up and you are in a place that it is not comfortable or possible to let these feelings come up – perhaps the middle of a bank isn’t the best place to break down and cry – we tell you it could be, but we understand your society, and so we say, if you choose not to, this is not the issue. Put it aside. But when you come home, sometime in the very near future, get back in touch with what comes up. This is getting in touch with yourselves.

This is being with what is. This is being who you are and getting in touch with what that means. We told you through the advertisement that you all saw, tonight is about getting in touch with yourself. This is how to get in touch with yourself the deepest way you know how.

When the pain comes up, find a time and a place – and these 10 minutes which we have prescribed can be that time, or it can be additional time – find a time to address it. And you will go far.

And we tell you again. Do not fear the fear that keeps you from getting in touch with your depths.

Other questions?

I’m opening up to what my question is. It has to do with my place on this planet, in this land, and very simply, to begin with, I gave notice to give up my, I let go of my apartment, so, the question arose, what’s next for me? And I gave myself a few days to know, to heal, where I’m going on the road, and that ties in with a sense of mission that I’ve had for a long time in my life, that’s brought me to this country. Information about my walk and place of powers.

Dear one. Dear, dear, dear one. Dear one. We honor your journey. We know where you’ve come and we’ve been with you the entire time and you know this. And so we will ask you back, why are you asking this question? Do you not already know that we are with you in your journey? Do you not already know that you’ve sustained large amounts of support through your entire journey? And do you not already know that you answers you seek are within you?

Your journey is largely about, not finding the answers, you already have most of the answers that you seek. Your journey is largely about maintaining and finding the confidence that you need to maintain the belief in yourself that you seek. You already know this. You already do this. You already speak with us. It is a matter of being the confident woman that you are. And believing what comes.

Do these exercises that we have prescribed. Get in touch with the powerful woman that you are, and that you have become along your journey, your journey of grace. Get in touch with the power aspect of that. Feel your strength. Feel your power. And from that place will come your confidence.

That is the place from which you ought approach this. You will find confidence when you seek and discover your strength. Do not be afraid of your strength. It has served you well in times of crisis and emergency. Allow it to serve you well through your days.

Let yourself be who you are throughout your days without shame. And as you have seen Greg jump up and flip over a tape in the middle of talking to invisible spirits and do so with a smile, you too… be your funny self and people will love you for it.

They will laugh with you and not at you. And those who are not with you, are not with you on your journey anyway. When you put attention on those who are with you in your journey – and you already know who to call, you already know – when you do so without embarrassment, and make them a part of your life, you will find the confidence and strength you are looking for. The answers you already have.

It is a matter of believing in them, and you will find that belief when you work on your strength and find your confidence. Feel the joy in expressing yourself. Not only privately but publicly. And so we honor you. We bow to your journey. We know it has been a difficult strenuous one. We know you are on the path and doing the work.

And we tell you this is the next step. This is your next step. You as well as everyone in this room [and those reading this] are becoming a leader. That was meant for you as well as everybody. That was personally meant for you. You are moving into the next step of your life. That step of using everything you’ve learned in your lifetime, and lifetimes, and becoming the leader that you are. Use it.

Your gifts are dying to come out. Listen to it. And allow yourself, in whatever steps work for you, start with the first step. Don’t be afraid of the many, but start with one.

They will lead you to a grand place.

We do honor you. We do say this with respect. We know where you’ve been. We know what it is like to be human. We know what it is to walk the path of uncertainty. And we also tell you this. This is for everybody. This is the path of the master.

Now are your ears open? We tell you this. This is the path of the master. The path of uncertainty. Every master who has ever walked this planet, and the many who have walked these grounds in this city, in this nation, however gifted they may have been, each and every one of them had their own doubts, their own fears. And each and every one of them had a point where they simply surrendered to God and to their path, and walked the path of uncertainty.

Of simply saying, I don’t know what this is, I don’t know what’s coming, I don’t know why this is, I feel I need to do it. Everything is telling me to go, and so here I go.

Many of them have died because they went to this path. This does not mean it is wrong. None of you in this room will die because you go along your path, but many of you will experience difficulty if you go along your path. But we tell you this. This is another promise. This is a promise from the heavens. This is a promise. The pain of walking your path is less than the pain of running away from your path.

As you look toward where you think you may need or ought to go, and it seems uncertain or painful or tumultuous, we tell you this. Do what you need to do to take care of yourselves – we have outlined this. Do what you need to do to take care of yourselves but, if you want to walk the path of fulfilling your life’s purpose, let go. Let go. Let go of your past, of your fears, of your doubts, of your pains. Let go.

This does not mean they ought, or will disappear. This does mean they will not control you. They will simply be there as something, as a part of you to address.

We tell you this. Let go, and this is the second half of this evening, of this channeling. Letting go into the New World to come.

We will take a quick break and continue.

Audience participant: I have my cherished time every day. No one told me to do it, I just do it. Because I’ve been arguing with myself about my next major project, which is my second book. And I’m trying to organize it in my mind. Trying to get it to organize itself. And I seem to be running in circles. My question is, is there something I could be doing to know when I should stop needing input, and push the button? Because I have this doubt in my mind, something in my mind that says, you’ve only got one shot at this, make it the right one.

Do it. Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, what are you waiting for? Do it. Do it. You have strength within you untapped. And someone asked earlier [during the break], do answers to personal questions apply to everyone? Yes. You have strength within you untapped. Do it. And the moment you begin, things will be flowing that you will not have realized until it happens. Do it! Fear not, lack of perfection. Fear instead, if you have fear, fear instead, lack of it happening to begin with.

Feel instead the fear of having your life’s purpose at your fingertips – with you quite literally – and not doing it. Feel the fear. Feel the doubt. It is a part of you. The question is not, how to get rid of the doubt. The question is, why is this doubt so important that it lingers for so long?

The question is, how do I get in touch with this doubt, and is this doubt telling me something that needs to be a part of this work?

The doubt is not evil, bad, wrong, inappropriate. The doubt is a tool that you ought use as a stepping stone toward your work. And that goes for everyone. The difficulties that bind you, use them as stepping stones and not walls. Get in touch with them and they will guide you. Let them take you over, and they will stop you. And the reason they will stop you, is because you need to get in touch with them. Until you get in touch with them, it is very difficult to go further. And that is why you cannot go further until you get in touch with them.

How do you know what the stepping stones are?

Feel what is. If it is within you, it is something to address. If it is within you, painful as it may be, trust that is a tool that has been given to you by your Creator as a guidepost along your path.

Feel your strength, and feel that you have the strength to address anything that comes to you. Otherwise it would not have come to you. And if it means breaking down then break down. That is a tool, uncomfortable as it may seem. Through the process of it, how have you always felt afterwards, every single time?

It is a tool, use it. Use it. We tell you, use it. And we tell you do it. Do it, do it, do it. Your gifts are not for naught. They have not been haphazardly given to you. They have been given to you – and every single one of you – they have been given to you, because you are the best vessel from which to deliver it.

The reason you have your gifts is because you are the gifted one who must deliver these gifts. In the coming months you will feel this even more strongly.

Are there further questions before we continue?

May I please say thank you.

We honor you. We know your path. We ask that you cherish it as much as we do. Feel the meaning in it, and you will go far.

And so, we lead you to New Beginnings. Do you feel New Beginnings beginning to awaken within you?

And so now we are moving into the thrust of this evening. Everything up until now has been preparation.

And know you are rather prepared, just go with it.

Now, and this is why you have all come. And this is what you all need to hear, and what we all have come to bring to you.

New Beginnings.

Greg:  Umm… Well…

Audience participant: [Laughing] Can you tell us, what?

Greg: Well, what you’re all witnessing is my own needing to let go, because I hear things a split second before they’re said, and I often doubt that it’s real, doubt that I’m being accurate, doubt that I should say what they’re saying. I hate making predictions. I don’t like to do it. Sometimes they tell me to, so…

I’m saying this, this is not them saying this, because they’re going to tell me I’m wrong, which is fine, but I am where I am, and so I’m going to be there. Take this as you will. I am Greg Goltsov, I’m human. I’m saying things, they may or may not be correct. Don’t treat this as gospel, treat it as someone who’s telling you something. Take it in within yourselves, and see it if feels right, before you take any action, tangible or within yourselves. Take it in and see if it feels right.

Guides: We tell you this. Everything that we have told you up until now has been for the purpose of preparing you for these words. These words are, New Beginnings.

You will be experiencing New Beginnings. Powerful New Beginnings. This entire world will be experiencing New Beginnings. Powerful New Beginnings. Powerful is what we call it. Those of this Earth and those who will be reporting these New Beginnings will call them tragic. And they will be, but understand, these are New Beginnings and all the souls involved – those who have decided long ago that this will be the time that they will leave this Earth – will be thankful, and joyful, when that moment comes to pass, because they will have filled their life’s purpose in helping this Earth’s transition into a new time period.

This is a new time period which will come through in a way that will be tumultuous, but as we have said, the endings, the place that these tumultuous times will bring to you, will be favorable and wonderful.

And so we tell you this. These are New Beginnings. The New Beginning times are upon us. Everything up until now has been preparation for this Earth. And now we tell you, in two months time, the time will no longer be the time of preparation for the change, the time will be the Time of Change. And each one of you can be leaders for this time of change. And each one of you ought understand that these are not times of destruction, these are times of re-creation.

Even as you are watching the one in front of you feel his doubts, feel your doubts, feel your fears. Feel your wondering why on Earth catastrophes need to happen. And as you feel what you need to feel, walk forth your path standing tall, and feeling everything that you’ve learned throughout your lives, and in the coming months.

January 15 will be the most powerful day of your entire lives. Prepare for it. Walk with beauty and grace. As you may feel uprooted from everything you’ve ever felt, these are New Beginnings. As the Earth is uprooted from its historic past, these are New Beginnings.

Prepare by doing the things we have outlined in the first half of this session, and you will be prepared for the New Beginnings. If you are not [doing these things], the changes will be a great deal more difficult for you. And when we say a great deal, we mean a great deal more difficult.

Do these things. Prepare yourselves for New Beginnings. And we tell you this. As these uprooting times will be coming, do not let yourselves be uprooted from the teachings you have witnessed during the course of this evening.

Allow yourselves to be uprooted from your past. And be able to let it go. Do not allow yourselves to be uprooted from that which you have heard this evening.

The most powerful point of your lifetimes will be coming very soon. You will all do well to prepare for it. That is what ultimately drew you to this evening. That is why you each needed to be here. You would do well to take time for yourselves, and to gather in groups of others to listen and share these skills. This group meeting on its own, in a private way, simply for those of this group, on December 15 would do each of you well. And this would be a great place to do it if it is agreeable with your fine hosts.

Hosts: Yeah, it’s agreeable to us fine people [laughing]

Forty five days. In these forty five days, treat yourselves well, take care of yourselves, and prepare. Prepare to meet again, while you are preparing to meet yourselves.

We will take a short break and let this sink in. And we will be back for questions shortly.

Audience participant: You keep saying doubts are a good thing, and that doubts are a good thing for you. I don’t see why it’s good for you to be doubting what you’re doing. Why is that good?

Another reason that doubt is so powerful, and so meaningful, and why you and so many in this room and in this world have it, is because the moment you leave your doubt behind and think you’re the all-powerful, all-knowing person, the ego, the arrogance, the believing you are above others comes in. While it doesn’t have to be that way, when people stop doubting themselves and think that they can do anything, very often they start to believe that they are better than others.

And then they crash. You see movie stars do this all the time. Those who feel the success and are humbled before the beautiful circumstances that come to them, are able to sustain it. Here again we talk about sustainability.

The way to sustain these wonderful things happening is not to put yourself above humanity. It is not either to put yourself down. It is to put everyone else along your level. And even as you know you are receiving great gifts, to know that everyone else either does or has the potential to.

And even as you may have talents or skills that others do not, that does not make them any better or you any worse. They are who they are and as you have your journey, they have theirs. And that is why it has been said by a great spiritual leader, Neale Donald Walsch – who wrote Conversations with God – when people ask him if he doubts what he’s doing, and he says, after over a decade of writing best selling books world-wide, he says, “Yes, I doubt,” and he says the doubt is good, because “The moment I stop doubting is the moment I become dangerous.” Because I need to know and question, and feel that this is coming from a divine place. And I need to stop, think, and know, and be in touch with the right place, and know that this is coming from the right place, and not my own ego taking over.

So follow the doubt, and this is an example of what we said earlier of how it is a tool for you. How your doubts, fears, and anguish are tools that bring you strength, should you pursue the place to which those tools are guiding you.

And so we tell you again, now with different words, pursue those tools. Everything we told you at the beginning, cherish yourselves, spend time with yourselves, give to yourselves, and you will be teachers in the time to come, which is coming very very soon.

Audience participant: All this stuff about this time to come is very terrifying. I guess I’m kind of curious how you guys know? Isn’t there some free will? How do you know this is going to happen on January 15? If it’s all planned out, where’s the free will here?

We tell you this. And this is why we have spent so long telling you to be in touch with yourselves. We tell you this. Do not be afraid. These changes are changes. And what will happen will come from a place of goodness even if it will not appear to be so right away. So as you approach your fear and your uncertainty, do so from a place of knowing that ultimately – no matter how it appears – ultimately, it is coming from a higher place.

And it is a part of the required changes that the Earth needs to go through in order to move into a new era of peacefulness.

As far as free will, you and every person on this planet have absolute free will. Even the Earth itself, which is a living entity, has free will. But we do tell you this. We are not negating free will, we simply are able to observe in a way that is greater than you can. And when we look at large numbers of circumstances and the likely outcome of those circumstances coming together, we come upon a conclusion of what is likely to happen.

And so, difficult times are likely to happen. Not because no one has any choices, but because we can look into the minds of all those involved and know what their likely decisions will be, and know how those likely decisions will affect others. And know how those decisions affect the Earth itself in the creation of what you call natural disasters, but what we call the Earth cleansing itself, and bringing new energy and new opportunities for humanity to help itself.

Just as if you’re driving, and you see a light ahead of you and it is red, you would likely guess that the car in front of you will stop – and this is likely a very good conclusion to make – just as that is clear to you, many things that are beyond your awareness are clear to us. And also understand, as we have said, this is a place toward which the Earth is moving and needs to move in order to come into a new age. A new age which will not be nearly as tumultuous as the previous millennium has been.

Does this answer your question?

Audience participant: Do you know exactly what is going to happen? If so, why aren’t you telling us?

We have a pretty good idea. Why we are not telling you is because of our role and our purpose in all of this. A purpose which we have sworn to be a part of, and which we will not deter from. The purpose is to help humanity. To guide humanity. But not, but not – and this leads in to your previous question – to help but not to take away your free will and your choices. If we would tell you such and such would probably happen, you ought do such and such, we will lose our role as your guides, and suddenly become your masters, your owners, or your parents, or your school teachers, which we are not.

We have not come here to tell you what to do and how, we have come to tell you times ahead are difficult, here is how to prepare. You may do anything you desire through these times. Our role is to help you to be in touch with yourselves, and give you tools and techniques to do so.

Our role is not, take two steps to the right and good things will happen. That will be, you would simply become our servants and that is not who you are and that is not who we are.

We don’t know exactly what will happen but we do have a good idea, and yes we have a better idea than we will reveal to you. It is not because we don’t care, it is because we do care. Because you are not our servants. You are human living divine beings with free will.

No one can ever, even if they tried, take away your free will, but we would not be doing you service if we tried. We are doing you service by giving you techniques to be in touch with your inner self, and telling you to approach your lives from that place. And telling you it is more important now than ever to approach your lives from that place.

You are beautiful, and don’t forget that. You are not alone, and don’t forget that. You are an adult leader of the community to which you belong. And don’t forget that.

And just how you can best guide someone else, not by saying, do what I say exactly how I say it or else, but rather by saying, be in touch with yourself. I can help you how if you wish.

We are reaching toward the end of this evening, or rather of what we have to give for this evening. If there are other questions, we will take them. Afterwards, we suggest that the lot of you who are left sit and socialize and let this connection amongst yourselves be created, be brought forth, which will at the same time, give time for that which has been given tonight to sink in, and to integrate into your systems.

We understand how what we are saying sounds. And that is why we are saying, be gentle with yourselves, and care for yourselves. And we are saying, if you desire to be prepared for the coming times, care deeply for yourselves.

We cannot say this more strongly, care deeply for yourselves. Do it, do it, do it, do it. Not merely because of the coming months, but because you’ve been waiting a lifetime to do it. And so do it. Care for yourselves. Give yourselves self care. If there are circumstances external to you that do not agree with you, why do you continue to let them happen? That is an aspect of self care.

If someone is treating you in a way that you do not wish to be treated, say something to them in a way that feels right. That is an aspect of self care. You do not help others by being quiet. You help others by speaking the truth that comes from the depths within you.

Feel your soul. We tell you this. Feel your depths, and your lives will be grand.

Are there any other questions?

Audience participant: Last time you channeled you talked about the Earth rocking and rolling, and I get in touch with the idea of rock and roll as music. And you said that it was not incidental that you had brought that word. I have a feeling that it’s not [incidental], and that it’s very important. Is there more you can tell us about it?

That channeling was appropriate for that group, and this channeling was appropriate for this group, and that is why, as you have been to both, you are hearing similar information conveyed in a different way.

To put others “in the know,” it was conveyed that in the next several months, there will be “rock and roll” throughout the Earth, and throughout the music. As far as your question, yes, those words were not chosen accidentally. They were chosen with meaning.

Let your music be your guide and your source of healing. As you go through these times, put on your radio and connect with others. Feel the songs that will be written in the coming years. And in the now, use every resource available to you to help you through these times. Use music as it was intended. To express and calm the soul.

That expression can come through both in music that feels very soothing, as well as music that feels tumultuous. As that can be expressive of your inner world, and the world around. And it is no accident that modern rock and roll was created by teenagers, whose lives are rather tumultuous.

It is an expression of what is. Allow yourself to express what is through all the resources that surround you. Allow your healing to come from every source that may be available to you, and you will go far.

With that, we honor you. We bow to you. We understand the places from which you come. And we are with you. We honor you in these times. And this will not be the last time you hear from us.


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