It's Time to Live the Life You've Imagined

...Because it is Possible         

Ten Ways to Improve Your Life

An Afternoon with Gregory Goltsov.


Lunch and Learn with Special Guest Gregory

Gregory Goltsov has been studying and practicing the art of improving people's lives since 1999.

Proficient in 3 forms of holistic healing, Gregory will outline 10 steps from his new book on truly becoming the person you want to be.

When: Saturday, April 28, at 1:30pm

Where: Merkaz Hamagshimim Hadassah
7A Dor Dor v'Dorshav St. German Colony,

Cost: Members, 30 NIS; Non Members, 40 Nis;
Cost Includes Shabbat Lunch
Advance payment is required.

Questions? Need more information? Please call Greg at 02-566-0959 or email, or Merkaz Hamagshimim at 02-561-9165 x200.


Gregory Goltsov | 02 566-0959 |