It's Time to Live the Life You've Imagined

...Because it is Possible         

An Angel's Guide to Surviving on Earth:
And You're the Angel

An Course with Gregory Goltsov.

Blessings to you and all that you are. If this is a time of introspection, if this is a time of realizing something new is on the horizon, perhaps the decision to invest in yourself in this way may be appropriate for you.

Topics of this 20 hour course include:

* Connecting with the essence of who you are and allowing the essence of who you are to be expressed and present in your everyday life

* Learn to use the resources within you and the resources outside of you continually, and learn to balance all aspects of who you are so that you can live and be in harmony

* Feel how the world is changing and learn to flow with all that goes on around you, no matter what that might be

* Bring power into your life, and learn what true power really is

* Create a shield from outside influences, learn to keep out what needs to be kept out, and keep in that which is most influential and needed in your life

* Find purpose, and feel insight into what that even means. What can a purposeful, meaningful life can achieve for you?

* Find strength in times of adversity. Feel how you can even thrive no matter what surrounds you, past and present

* Find beauty in everything you see, and learn to feel pleasure throughout your days, which can bring you warmth and happiness no matter your circumstances

* Remember that you and God are one. Learn to feel day in and day out that you are a sacred divine creation of God

* Remember how to be the Angel that that you already are, feeling the divinity inside, and learning to share it with others

Comments from Previous Participants:

"My favorite part was the personal insights I received which I also experienced as empowerment and support. The steps and the information I received was right on and said in a way that I could accept and receive. I feel a deep gratitude for the opportunity to do this course. Thank you!!"

"The energy was wonderful."

"I received respect and honor."

This is a 20 hour course taking place over 10 weekly sessions. Cost is 1200nis and includes a preview copy of my forthcoming book, on which the course is based.

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