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Equinox Celebration

An Evening with Gregory Goltsov.

An Equinox Celebration Honoring and connecting with the spirit of nature and the spirit of all things.

Come and link up with Pan, and renew the connection between mankind and the nature spirits that existed long ago.

Featuring Channeling by Ruth Mizrahi and Gregory Goltsov, worldwide meditation linkup with Dvora Pearlman, and drumming and dancing with Jeff Goldstein.

The evening will include channeling of pan, and the queen of the fairies, as well as other light beings and nature spirits by Ruth Mizrahi and Gregory Goltsov.


7:00pm Gathering.

7:30 Introduction and first channeling

8:00 Meditation linkup with union of light groups from Israel and the world, led by Dvora Pearlman

8:20 Second channeling

The evening will conclude with drumming, chanting, and dancing with our beloved nature spirits and deva brothers and sisters, led by Jeff Goldstein.

Please bring food and drink to share.

Come and be one of those blessed who choose "to link with pan and help to renew the old contact between mankind and the nature spirits." -- Pan from "Findhorne Garden"

We will be happy to see you all.

When: Wednesday, March 21, 7:00pm

Where: At The Home of Eliyahu & Leehee Holly
12 Kubovy St., Ramat Denya, Jerusalem (Near Malcha)


Cost: By donation

Questions? Need more information? Please call 02-566-0959 or email


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