Highlights of February 12, 2006's channeling in Talpiyot, Jerusalem
Channeled from the Guides of Gregory Goltsov

With full understanding that the full channeling is a lot to read, below are some highlights from the evening. Not so much an outline, but “sound bites” with links to that point in the channeling. When you have time, I do suggest setting aside time to truly read the material, as you will receive a powerful jolt of the intensity that occured,
and it will be as if you were there.  Enjoy!

Difficult times mean not that everything is lost and that it is time to give up on yourself – no, the exact opposite – difficult times mean it is time to switch into high gear and use any tool you have at your disposal to find that deep connection to yourself and to the Heavens, and to higher powers.... This is when miracles happen.

Difficult times catapult people to look at the depths of themselves and their lives... and catapult people out of their often rigid belief systems that they hold onto for dear life no matter how damaging they are to them.

The signs [in your life] are not about forcing you to do something you may not want, although sometimes it is.  The signs are about helping you to get to a deeper point in your life so that you can better live life on Earth given your current circumstances, body, and energetic system.

Use these experiences and difficult times as a catalyst to bring goodness into your life.

Though it may not always feel like it, nothing, nothing, nothing, is ever thrown at you that you cannot handle.

Do not read more meaning into your life experiences than they have.  That you experience difficulty does not mean there is everything wrong with you.

At the same time, please, please, please, do read more into other parts of your life than you currently do.

Go ahead and do with your life what you wish, and act as you wish, and blame who you wish but, remember, a.) that you are not alone, b.) that nothing is thrown at you that you cannot handle though you may think it is, and c.) there are blessings in your life that you may or may not be aware of.  A, B, and C, overcoming difficulty.

Getting what you want may not be the path you think it is.

Even though the overriding time may be a difficult one, remember to find ways to bring joy into your life.

How does loneliness disappear?  By feeding it....  It is a part of you that is calling out for attention.

A smile at a stranger coming from the depths of your soul can be infinitely more meaningful than anything that person has experienced that day.

And when you also give deep interactions to other people, you will feel your own deep interactions, and the loneliness will be fed.

When you sit in the three dimensional reality that you live in, confusing times are confusing.  When you go deeper, confusing times are an aspect of the divine creation that we call a lifetime.

It is not your job that is your job.  It is what you do in any circumstance that is your job.

The meaning that anything has is the meaning that you bring to it.  It is not meaningless, unless it is.

That is what we want you to take away [from this evening], and to remember, and to feel in the depths of your soul – how meaningful your work is, no matter what it may look like in three dimensions.

Difficulty in one aspect of your life, [often] brings up other difficulties in other aspects of your life, and often the difficulties in the major parts of your life.

The reason the pain manifests in certain parts of your body when you go through difficult times is because those are the parts of your body that have been wanting attention for most of your life.

During this difficult time, when there are other difficult times going on, it is especially important to take care of all the needs.

There is nothing wrong with you.  [Your pain] is what it is.  It is a catalyst to help you move through this lifetime.

You are not to hold yourself responsible for somebody else’s anger.

Take care of your needs.  And find ways to get your needs met.  Because you do have a body and your body does have needs.  And your body’s needs are generally an expression of your soul’s needs.

How to explore your pain with regard to being in relationship with someone else

And that you are questioning everything now does not mean, all the way you have come was for not.  It simply means you’ve come this far, and now you’ve come to a fork in the road.  All this journey has brought you to a place where you can question yourself in this way.  It has created a stepping stone for you to leap to your next journey.... To believe that you are questioning everything, means everything else was fruitless, is not accurate.  All of those journeys have gotten you to a place where you can be right here.

You are a divine creation.  Don’t throw that gift away.... your existence is the gift.  That is everything.  And everything else, is just everything else.

If there’s one thing that shall remain solid in your life, know that your entire existence is a gift by the heavens.


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